I am certified in the BARBICIDE COVID-19 program.

Green Leaves Natural Spa & Lash has two private rooms plus another chair in the open space. I am working alone and use all rooms for my clients. I change lash rooms every appointment and I open the back exit door and front door to refresh the air between appointments. One of my rooms has a back door. If you want to have fresh air during your service, please request that room beforehand. There will only be myself and one client at a time in the entire spa.

Please wear a face mask (including during service) otherwise I will have to cancel your appointment.


Disinfection & Sanitation

  • I am using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant solutions and following product directions.
  • I don’t re-use any tools without disinfection.   I do triple Sanitation for all tools including:
    1. Washing with anti-bacterial soap
    2. Soaking in disinfectant solution
    3. UV Sterilizer
  • I use clean disposable brushes for all services (not reusing).
  • Beds and pillows are clean with disinfection spray.
  • I use clean linens for each client.
  • All furniture and equipment is disinfected.
  • I use sanitation spray on all lashes before applying.



I wear a mask, gloves, apron and face shield (during service). All protections are changed for each client.

For all appointments:
I wash my hands first, put on gloves, and then, I sanitize over the gloves with hand sanitizer. I use hand sanitizer throughout all services.


Cleaning the spa

  • The bathroom is cleaned and disinfected after each client.
  • I open the door to the entrance for each client so there is no need to touch the sanitized door knobs.


Entering the spa

Please wear a face mask (including during service) otherwise I will have to cancel your appointment.

  • Disinfect the soles of your shoes.
  • Please wash your hands when you arrive at the spa.  Also, hand sanitizers are available.
  • The waiting area is not available. If you arrive early, text me! Please try to be on time.
  • Please don’t bring your family or friends.
  • I want to protect you and myself.  I don’t want to see any symptoms including allergies.  If you don’t feel well or have a bad allergy day, please cancel your appointment before you arrive.  Also, If I have a bad allergy or sick day, I will cancel your appointment too.
  • I want to hear your update stories but it is hard to keep social distance in the treatment room.  Please try to talk to me at the front or hallway.  


 New Cancellation Policy

If you don’t feel well, please cancel your appointment and I will waive the cancellation fee.  In this instance, for the safety of everyone, no appointments will be accepted for 10-14 days, and all of your upcoming appointments will be cancelled for the next two weeks.  Also, If I don’t feel well, I will cancel all appointments and I won’t see you until I am healthy.

Please help each other!



I want to help stop the spread of COVID-19. I am adding an extra 30 minutes time between appointments so there will only be one client in the spa at a time.  This will also give me time for extra sanitation beyond my normal sanitation procedures.

If you are late, your appointment time will be cut off. I can’t squeeze you in for your appointment because I want to keep 30 minutes space between appointments. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.  This is for the safety of everyone.



All regular forms of payment will be accepted, including cash, however I will not have change available.