Green Leaves Facials use organically grown ingredients without parabens and toxins,  and are not tested on animals.

All treatments include cleansing, exfoliation,  facial massage and mask,  as well as décolleté, shoulder and scallop massage.

*For extraction – Please ask before your treatment*





Green Leaves Natural Facial

This is a customize classic natural facial.

60 min / $87      
Natural Facial Members:  $60.90   Other Members:  $69.60


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Manuka Honey Facial For Oily Skin

Many people have a difficult time controlling oily skin and acne.
Manuka Honey Treatment will help you deal with uneven oily skin.

Manuka honey is a special type of honey produced by bees who feed from the flowers of the manuka bush in New Zealand.  Manuka honey, unlike regular honey, contains enhancing antibacterial potency, and provides antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. 

Manuka honey can help treat acne by acting as a cleansing agent.  Its antibacterial properties penetrate deep into the skin epidermis, killing bacteria and unblocking pores, allowing built-up infection to be released.  Manuka can prevent further bacteria from growing by creating a naturally acidic environment and, due to its hydrating effects, can help skin heal rapidly without scarring.  In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of manuka honey may help alleviate inflamed tissues that cause discomfort and soreness.

60 min / $98
Natural Facial Members:  $68.60  Other Members:  $78.40


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Monthly Specials

Each month Green Leaves Natural Spa & Lash offers special treatments at substantial savings of up to 44% off current prices!


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Choose your services at the spa

Not sure which treatment is best for you?
Book here and our esthetician will help you choose.


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Quick Facials

Treatments do not include massage.


Green Leaves Mini Facial 

This facial is perfect for quick maintenance. 

30 min / $77  
Natural Facial Members:  $53.90  Other Members:  $61.60

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