I am a licensed Esthetician and fully vaccinated (second vaccine in March 2021).

I am also certified in the BARBICIDE COVID-19 program.


Disinfection & Sanitation

  • I am using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant solutions and following product directions.
  • I don’t re-use any tools without disinfection.   I do triple Sanitation for all tools including:
    1. Washing with anti-bacterial soap
    2. Soaking in disinfectant solution
    3. UV Sterilizer
  • I use clean disposable brushes for all services (not reusing).
  • I use cleaned linens for each client.
  • All furniture and equipment is disinfected.
  • I use sanitation spray on all lashes before applying.



Cleaning the spa

  • The bathroom is cleaned and disinfected after each client.
  • I open the door to the entrance for each client so there is no need to touch the sanitized door knobs.



Entering the spa


  • Please use hand sanitizers at the entrance.
  • The waiting area is available now. If you have to bring your family or friend, only one visitor please.



 Cancellation Policy