Please read before receiving Eyebrow Extensions.


  • Avoid getting your Brows wet within the first 24 hours after your application.
  • For the first two days after application, it is best to avoid swimming, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Avoid using oil based makeup remover. Avoid cream and lotion on your brows.
  • Do not touch your brows when you are getting dressed or changing clothes.
  • Do not use cotton on them.
  • Be gentle with your brows and avoid rubbing your brows.
  • Do not attempt to remove the extensions>





Eyebrow Extensions Questions

  1. What are Eyebrow Extensions?  

    Although there are several creams, serums and treatments already on the market to add vitality and youth to your face, enhancing your eyebrows can also help. Properly defining your eyebrows cannot be done with makeup alone.

    Our brow extensions are applied directly to existing eyebrow hair, one brow hair at a time. The technique is comfortable and relaxing, and our clients often fall asleep during treatment. The extensions blend with your existing eyebrows, adding texture, volume and definition.

  2. What are the benefits?

    Tweak your brow shape. Your natural eyebrow shape is just a starting point. Extensions can give you a higher arch, a longer tail, more or less curve.

    Eyebrow Extensions are also great for filling in bare spots. Because of this, brow extensions are a great option for people who have over tweezed, those with age-related brow loss, hormonal imbalance, or those with medical-related brow loss caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or trichotillomania.

  3. How Long Do They Last?

    Eyebrow extensions last between 2 to 4 weeks. We recommend getting a touch up every 2-3 weeks to keep your brows full and beautiful!

  4. What kind of glue do you use for eyelash extensions?

    We use a surgical-grade adhesive to affix the extensions.

  5. What are eyebrow extensions made of?

    Eyebrow extensions are made from synthetic fiber.

  6. Do I need to choose the design and color of eyebrow extensions?

    You can choose from our brow designs, create your own or have our brow artist create a custom design specifically for you.

  7. How often should I get touch-ups?

    A natural brow hair falls off every 4- 12 weeks, on average, due to the natural growth cycle and is replaced with the growth of new brows. At any given moment, each of your natural brows are at a different stage of its growth cycle. A touch up is needed to replenish the natural brows that have completed their life cycle. We recommend getting a touch up every 2-3 weeks to keep your brows full and beautiful!

  8. Do eyebrow extensions harm natural brow?

    When applied properly, brow extensions will not harm your natural brows. Eyebrow Extensions are an individual application, which means that they will naturally grow out causing no harm to existing brows.

  9. Can I swim, shower, exercise or visit a spa while wearing eyebrow extensions?

    Eyebrow extensions are not restricting to your lifestyle. You should avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours, and avoid swimming, saunas and steam rooms for the first 48 hours, as your brows need time to cure. After that, you may swim, spa and exercise worry free!