Following your natural lashes. Long and short lashes mixed to create a Natural Look.


Long in the middle like your natural lashes. Makes your eyes look bigger!

Same Length Across

One size lash all across your eyes for a gorgeous Look.

Cat Eyes

Following your natural lashes. Long and short lashes mixed to create a Natural Look.

Sexy Cat Eyes

Long in the end for that Very Sexy Look. 

Green Leaves most popular design.

Dramatic Sexy

Medium on the inside, increasing in length going outward.  Makes your eyes look bigger and dramatic!


Medium and short lashes mixed to your design.  Looks thicker and gorgeous! 

Need extra 30 minutes for application.


J Curl

J curl is the straightest curl with just a tiny hint of a curl on the ends.  If you want the most natural look, this is the curl to use.

People with deep set or wide almond shaped eyes will benefit from this curl.

B Curl

This curl is a cross between a J and C curl.
B curl will benefit every eye shape.

This curl will give a wispy, flirty and natural look.


C Curl

C curl is curled almost like the letter “C” and is more defined than a B curl.    C curl adds radiance to the iris, enhancing eye color and extending the illusion of eyeliner along the entire lash line.

Green Leaves most popular curl.

D Curl

Gorgeous and dramatic look! This curl is most suitable for those that already have curly lashes or want to create a more dramatic appearance.




L Curl

The L curl has less of a curl and flicks upward at an angle, creating a “big eyes” look.
The tips of these lashes flips upwards to create a lift and lengthening effect. This helps the lashes to last longer and gives a unique lift and effect to the eyes.

U Curl

This curl is shaped like a half moon and will give your eyes a dramatic curl.  Recommended for Asians or those that have hooded, droopy or deep set eyes.  These customers can benefit from this curl cause they can see a front view of their lashes.

Barbie J

Shaped like the letter “J”, the tips of these lashes are further away from the eyelids.  Wonderful for Asian, hooded or droopy eyed.   When applied, lashes will give a fan look and eyes will look more vivid.

Your lash line is also more enhanced and darker, giving the appearance of wearing eyeliner.


Length & Thickness



0.05 mm- 0.18 mm





0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.2 mm & 0.25 mm


3D thickness:  0.05 mm, 0.07 mm & 0.10 mm