Intense Brow and Lash tinting

Intense Brows offers tinting for both hair and skin (only hair for Lashes), providing a striking makeup effect lasting 5-8 days, depending on skin type (dry versus oily). The hair coloration can last up to 4-6 weeks, depending on at-home aftercare maintenance.



After Care

  1. Avoid Getting Wet: Keep your eyebrows dry for the first 24 hours to let the color set.
  2. Stay Away from Oily Products: Oily skincare can make the tint fade faster.
  3. Handle with Care: Don’t rub or scrub your eyebrows too hard to prevent premature fading.
  4. Use Gentle Cleansers: Use mild cleansers to avoid stripping away the color.
  5. Keep Them Moisturized: Use a gentle moisturizer to keep your eyebrows healthy.
  6. Protect from the Sun: Wear sunscreen on your eyebrows to prevent fading from UV rays.
  7. No Harsh Chemicals: Don’t use harsh treatments or exfoliants on your eyebrows as they can fade the color faster.


Following these tips will help your RefectoCil Intense Brows treatment last longer and keep your eyebrows vibrant and defined.


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